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Well-Being, Learning, and Achievement

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Be Healthy, Be Kind, Be You

Be Well 365 provides students with the knowledge, skills, 在六个基本的身体领域的能力, social, and psychological development that support academic growth and lifelong personal and career success. Through learning experiences embedded in the curriculum and school counselor lessons aligned to the needs of the students, Be Well 365专注于这些长期目标:

  • Greater student sense of well-being
  • Improved academic achievement
  • Greater student engagement with school
  • Improved student attendance
  • Reduced disciplinary offenses

All Schools, All Staff, All Students

Be Well 365旨在为学生提供知识, skills, 通过校本课程提高6个基本领域的能力, instruction, practices, and interventions:

  • 建立符合文化的关系
  • Mental and Emotional Health
  • Trauma-Informed Practices
  • 恢复性司法和恢复性实践
  • Physical Health and Wellness
  • Character Education and Empathy

Learning activities in science, art, social studies, health and physical education, 以及所有员工的专业发展, 支持和引导这6个领域发展. Combining social and emotional learning with academic instruction contributes to greater student engagement and long-term academic success.

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Montgomery County Hotline



National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

If you are concerned about your safety in school or the safety of other students call:


Safe Schools Maryland

Who We Are

psychological services

Psychological Services

School psychologists are school-based mental health professionals trained in both psychology and education. They collaborate with staff and families to analyze and resolve barriers that affect academic success, 确保每个学生在安全的环境中学习, healthy, and supportive environment.

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学生人事工作者(ppw)是倡导者, consultants, and liaisons to students and families by providing direct intervention and case management services to identify, assess, 解决学生对学业成功的担忧.

school counseling

School Counseling Services

School counselors ensure every student has the knowledge and skills necessary for academic planning, goal setting, personal growth, and college and career readiness. Certified professional school counselors are in each elementary, middle, and high school.

pupil personnel and attendance

Student Health and Wellness

与蒙哥马利郡警局合作. of Health and Human Services, licensed professionals provide developmentally and culturally appropriate mental health supports and resources to assure the health, safety and well-being of students.

restorative justice

Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice allows students to actively engage and problem-solve conflicts and wrongdoings. Restorative practices help build safe and equitable school climates; strengthen relationships between students and adults; and encourage responsibility, accountability, and empathy.

student, family, and school services

Student, Family, and School Services

家长社区协调员(PCCs)与学校合作, families, and the community to ensure families have the tools and opportunities to be active and effective partners in their children's school experience, 支持学校建立家庭与学校的伙伴关系.

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多语种的工作人员促进了国际学生的入学和安置, foreign, and exchange students, 以及在更复杂的住院医师环境中的学生. They provide families with the resources needed to be supportive partners in their children's education


Mental Health Awareness

MCPS WayMaking TV Series

The MCPS Waymaking series highlights mental health and well-being resources for staff and students as families adapt to the evolving changes in daily life caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The shows are hosted Dr. Christina Conolly-Chester,心理服务主任.

See the entire series on YouTube


Our Minds Matter Clubs

Our Minds Matter Clubs are part of a nationwide student-led movement designed to change school culture around mental health. Group activities and school-wide campaigns focus on students building social connectedness, help-seeking behavior, and positive coping skills, 同时也提供了养成健康习惯的机会, support peers and friends, 分享心理健康资源和工具.


Student Well-Being

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All In! Be Present. Be Prepared. Be Engaged.

定期上学对学生的成功至关重要. When attendance improves, the student's academic prospects and chance of graduation improves. 为了提高出勤率,MCPS发起了一项解决缺勤问题的运动. The campaign includes:

  • 促进学校出勤率的信息、策略和营销材料
  • Collaborative problem solving to address the underlying causes of chronic absenteeism
  • 提高学生出勤率的支持服务
  • Protocols for attendance notification and interventions for students who are at risk of becoming chronically absent

All In Flyer

All In Flyer Spanish

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Student Well-being Team (SWBT)

School-based SWBT is a collaborative problem-solving team focusing on unique student needs and family outreach. 他们的主要作用是帮助学生减少学习障碍, conduct outreach, problem-solve, and support students who are demonstrating mental health concerns and/or not engaging in their online educational program.


  • 教育学生及家长/监护人有规律生活的重要性, 虚拟课程出勤和参与, or access of recorded lessons
  • informally problem-solve to determine why student is not participating in live virtual lessons or their recordings
  • 提供资源或支持来解决问题

SWBT Framework

SWBT Best Practices

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预防物质使用和恢复力教育(suppre) is a screening and psychoeducational substance-use program. It is designed to address:

  • High school students who have committed their first substance use disciplinary incident on school property
  • The essentials of Be Well 365, 尤其是心理和情感健康, Physical Health and Wellness, and Restorative Justice

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How We Help

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Student Mental Health and Wellness

List of School-Based Services

Crisis Support and Community Resources
Each MCPS school has a student support team prepared to address events that may affect students' sense of safety and security.



Choose Respect
Information about healthy teen relationships and the characteristics of unhealthy and abusive relationships, 包括青少年约会暴力的资源.

Child Abuse and Neglect

Recovery Academic Program (RAP)

Mindfulness Practices
一种减轻压力和焦虑的策略, strengthen attention and focus, support social and emotional growth, 更好地解决日常冲突

Digital Citizenship
帮助学生的信息和资源, families, 员工以安全和负责任的方式使用技术和社交媒体.

MCPS学生的权利和责任, Student Code of Conduct, 尊重宗教多样性的指导方针, 及学生性别认同指引
An overview of school regulations, expectations for student conduct, and disciplinary protocols.

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Student Supports

School Psychologists
School-based mental health professionals trained in both psychology and education who provide psychological services to all students.

School Counselors
School counselors are certified professionals who improve student success for all students by implementing a comprehensive school counseling program that includes three areas of student development: academic, career, and personal/social development.

ESOL Transition Counselors

Group Counseling Consent
A school counselor, psychologist, or social worker can provide group counseling to students with permission from the parent(s) or guardian(s). These counseling sessions are designed to teach skills to help students be more successful in their academic and social environment.

Restorative Justice

A proactive approach for positive student behavior and a positive climate for learning.

Proactive and preventive strategies to make schools safe and positive places to learn

Truancy and Dropout Prevention

Court Liaison

Saturday School of the George B. Thomas Learning Center
Academic tutoring for grades K-12.

parent and child

Family Supports

Pupil Personnel Workers
Certified school-based professionals who provide advocacy and support for students and their families.

Parent Community Coordinators
School-based professionals who help build and strengthen positive relationships with families, 尤其是那些可能面临语言障碍的人, cultural or economic barriers.

Community Resource Guide
Español | 中文 | Français | tiếng Việt | 한국어 | አማርኛ

Linkages To Learning
School-based program that connects low-income students and families to community resources.

Community Schools
以卫生为重点的全面支持和资源, mental health, academic, 以及学生需要的课外支持服务, families and communities to thrive.

Excel Beyond The Bell
After school enrichment program that provides academic and recreational opportunities for middle school students in selected middle schools.

School Health Services
NEW Immunization Requirements

与孩子谈论暴力:给父母的建议 & Teachers
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parent workshop

Family and Community Engagement

Parent Academy TO GO
提供信息的虚拟研讨会, resources, 帮助学生在学校取得成功的工具和技巧.

myMCPS Classroom Portal & Information

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Volunteering in Schools

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International Students and Residency

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Enrollment Forms

Enroll an International Student

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